Caring for Brass & Bronze:

- Brass & bronze naturally obtain patina over time, which we believe adds character & beauty to the jewelry, but if you would like to clean it, use a brass cleanser, or gently wash with a little mixture of baking soda & water.

- Most importantly, the more you wear your jewelry, the more it gets polished. Your skin does the work!

Caring for Sterling Silver:

- Like brass & bronze, sterling tarnishes over time. To care for sterling, use a silver polish and/or a polishing cloth. You can find both of those items at your local jewelry store.

- Again, wear your jewelry and you shouldn't have a problem!

Caring for Gold Fill:

- Gold Fill is different than gold-plate in that it doesnt flake off! Yay! Gold fill is a layer of gold bonded to a base metal such as brass. Treat your gold fill like it's pure gold.

Storage Tips:

- Keep your jewelry away from humidity & moisture

- Store in a jewelry box or in separate plastic baggies to avoid early tarnishing or staining