Custom//a non-traditional engagement ring

I have known Campbell for YEARS & was so excited when he wrote me about designing a ring for his soon-to-be-bride, Kathryn. He told me he was going to propose on a backpacking trip through the Alps…how amazing is that?! In our initial conversation about what he wanted in an engagement ring it was obvious he was looking for something non-traditional, organic, and without a diamond. I fell in love with the challenge of a non-engagement-y engagement ring. 

I ended up collecting some twigs & things from a nearby park in Madrid & playing with them in wax. There was the feat of making it dainty & wearable, and also organic & substantial--but in the end it worked! For me, the moment when I see a piece cast in metal for the first time after I've worked on it only in wax is so scary and exciting. We decided to cast it in 18k yellow gold, which I LOVE, and the result was gorgeous!

Thanks Campbell & Kathryn for allowing me to be a part of such a special moment for you guys. I'm excited for all the many adventures that lie ahead of y'all! xoxoxox