Year 6: The Wedding Ring Project

It's funny to think about how this project was kind of started by accident. Merely because I didn't really want to look at the ring I gave my husband on our wedding day for the next bazillion years. On our first anniversary, I decided to gift him a new one, and so it began. 

This year's ring is really special for me, both in meaning and material. I knew I had some extra 18k gold scrap (fancier material than normal! woohoo!) laying around the studio and so I let that be my guide; I basically just followed what the gold wanted to do. You can do that with gold, it's such a friendly material to work with. The title of this piece is  "Crecimiento" which is spanish for "growth". It's a theme that we've experienced a lot of this past year in our marriage and expect more of this coming year. Not only have we grown in our marriage (the not-always-easy-kind!), we've also experienced it in our respective careers, in becoming  more bi-cultural people living in this wonderful but still strange place (even after 2 years), and even just learning about the areas in our lives that really need growth and how to cultivate that. 

But now I sound like I'm going to segue into a New Year's Resolution. Which I am not going to do. So without further ado, I give you Year Six.