thoughts on work + some commissions too

I'm slowly getting better at documenting the work that I'm making. I really dislike this part of the artistic process--you know, the part where you actually show people what you've been creating.  Lately work has consisted a lot of small commissions here and there, and filling orders from my website. All things I'm beyond thankful for. Though, I still have this little hole in my soul and these ideas for more sculptural pieces--and many that are not necessarily jewelry. Sometimes I feel more like a machine and less like an artist--but I'm learning now that the two aren't mutually exclusive. There's a time and season for everything, right?  I know that there will be time for those bigger things in the future, and I am constantly reminding myself that these things that seem like impediments: a small studio, limited tools, etc. are actually the very elements that encourage me to be innovative and hard-working. All of this, let's call it 'restlessness', has made me think a lot about an excerpt from a book I'm reading about work. In the intro of the book the author talks about how we are created for work and that it is not in vain:

Whatever you are seeking in your work—the city of justice and peace, the world of brilliance and beauty, the story, the order, the healing—it is there. There is a God, there is a future healed world that he will bring about, and your work is showing it (in part) to others. Your work will be only partially successful, on your best days, in bringing that world about. But inevitably the whole tree that you seek—the beauty, harmony, justice, comfort, joy, and community—will come to fruition. If you know all this, you won’t be despondent because you can get only a leaf or two out in this life. You will work with satisfaction and joy.
— Tim Keller, Every Good Endeavor

So let's work hard, friends, on whatever your "leaf" may be, and may we do it with joy. 

Speaking of work,  here are a few pieces I was asked to make in the last month or so. I hope you enjoy! xoxo

Year 6: The Wedding Ring Project

It's funny to think about how this project was kind of started by accident. Merely because I didn't really want to look at the ring I gave my husband on our wedding day for the next bazillion years. On our first anniversary, I decided to gift him a new one, and so it began. 

This year's ring is really special for me, both in meaning and material. I knew I had some extra 18k gold scrap (fancier material than normal! woohoo!) laying around the studio and so I let that be my guide; I basically just followed what the gold wanted to do. You can do that with gold, it's such a friendly material to work with. The title of this piece is  "Crecimiento" which is spanish for "growth". It's a theme that we've experienced a lot of this past year in our marriage and expect more of this coming year. Not only have we grown in our marriage (the not-always-easy-kind!), we've also experienced it in our respective careers, in becoming  more bi-cultural people living in this wonderful but still strange place (even after 2 years), and even just learning about the areas in our lives that really need growth and how to cultivate that. 

But now I sound like I'm going to segue into a New Year's Resolution. Which I am not going to do. So without further ado, I give you Year Six.

A Peek Inside the Studio

A couple of months ago I had the pleasure of having my dear friend & photographer Iciar J. Carrasco come to my little studio and take some photos of me working for an article in Provencial Magazine. Okay, let's be honest…I definitely cleaned up before we had the photo session, so there's not the usual bits of sandpaper, brass clippings, and paper towels everywhere…and it's still dirty (cue embarrassed face emoticon). But hey, what are studios for anyway??

My studio is my haven. There is nothing flashy or magazine-worthy about it, but I love it: the way the natural light illuminates my work space, the old brick walls, my favorite cafe that is around the corner. It's a small space, so as my business has grown, i've had to move some of the (non-dirty) work to my house. I definitely look forward to the day when I can spread out a bit more in one space, but this is where I am now, and I am so thankful. I share it with two lovely women from Italy who are both ceramic artists--you guys should definitely check out Olivia & Clara's work!

Thank you, all you wonderful people who support me & wear my work. It helps me to pay my rent for this space & to keep creating. I couldn't do it without you! xoxo


Custom//a non-traditional engagement ring

I have known Campbell for YEARS & was so excited when he wrote me about designing a ring for his soon-to-be-bride, Kathryn. He told me he was going to propose on a backpacking trip through the Alps…how amazing is that?! In our initial conversation about what he wanted in an engagement ring it was obvious he was looking for something non-traditional, organic, and without a diamond. I fell in love with the challenge of a non-engagement-y engagement ring. 

I ended up collecting some twigs & things from a nearby park in Madrid & playing with them in wax. There was the feat of making it dainty & wearable, and also organic & substantial--but in the end it worked! For me, the moment when I see a piece cast in metal for the first time after I've worked on it only in wax is so scary and exciting. We decided to cast it in 18k yellow gold, which I LOVE, and the result was gorgeous!

Thanks Campbell & Kathryn for allowing me to be a part of such a special moment for you guys. I'm excited for all the many adventures that lie ahead of y'all! xoxoxox